What Our Clients Say About Us


“I’ve had three agents in my evolving acting career and I’ve never been happier with my agents than I’ve been with Victor and Tisha Joyner at Maultsby Talent because they “get” me and they foster a sense of mutual respect and love.”

Bern Cohen (SAG-AFTRA , Film/TV Actor)

“It’s been great working with Maultsby Agency, Always with a positive attitude.”

Roy Devito (SAG-AFTRA , Film/TV Actor)

“Maultsby Talent Agency is great! They work hard for me and I really

appreciate it!”

Sherman Alpert (SAG-AFTRA , Film/TV Actor, Voice Over)

“I have been working with Maultsby Talent Agency for more than 8 years.

My experience with them has been nothing but very pleasant. Dealing with both talent agents, Victor & Tisha Joyner, has been great as they are very professional, pleasant, and efficient in helping me secure great Film & TV booking jobs. They are on top of their game and will follow through with you all the way through. I highly recommend them and Maultsby Talent Agency if you are seeking great representation in the Southeast region.”

Danny Boushebel (SAG-AFTRA, Film/TV Actor, Writer + Producer)

“I have been with the Maultsby Talent Agency for many years and have always been pleased with their help and support in my career.

I have had 5 Television principal roles through them to date, and the casting directors I've met through them give me hope for the future.

I've always had good communications with Victor and Tisha, they have always followed up with my questions via email or text. Despite representing many actors, I always feel they give me individual service and have my best interests at heart. Look forward to our continued  partnership.”

J.T. O’Connor (SAG-AFTRA, Film/TV Actor, AD + Director)

“In life you meet people who are kind, considerate, professional and trustworthy. It's not often that you can call these people a friend and your talent agents. I'm fortunate enough to be able to say this about the husband and wife agent team, Tisha and Victor at Maultsby Talent. 

I booked my very first SAG job and feature film through Maultsby. I booked my very first recurring role through Tisha and Victor. I've had some amazing bookings through them and I look forward to a long relationship with these two. 

They are hard working. They are polite. They don't mind if you have to pass on an audition because you feel that it's not a right match for you... just as long as you don't make a habit out of it. Lol!

If I have a problem uploading my videos on EcoCast or if I missed the deadline, they do their best to get it in for me. Never any judgement. I am forever grateful for your hard work and dedication to me as an actor.” 

Faye McQueen (SAG-AFTRA, Actress, Stuntwoman, Model + Dancer)

“I’ve been with the Maultsby Talent Agency team for a little more than two years.  The agent’s at Maultsby work very hard and truly understand you will not book every job.  They are very selective about who they work with and stand by their talent roster.  The best of all is when you are out on an audition, if you need them, they respond quickly.  A great supportive team of talent agents that will get you in the room on quality projects. The rest is up to you!”

Vince Edgehill (SAG-AFTRA, AEA, Film/TV Actor, Writer + Director)

”To Maultsby Talent Agency, Victor, Tisha and the rest of the team thank you for all your hard work. You guys are always looking out for my best interest and getting me out there on feature films and TV shows. You always stand in my corner and supporting me every step of the way. You are not only my agents. But family and friends and I’m grateful for all that you guys do for me. You guys think outside the box as far as submissions. Perfect example was MacGyver TV show where you submitted me for a roll where it ask for somebody who is older but you took a chance and I was casted for the role. This business is all about chances and you guys take them so I thank you for it.”

Dimitrius Pulido (SAG-AFTRA, Film/TV Actor, Producer + Director)

I just wanted to share what being a part of Maultsby Talent has meant to me.

I’ve known I wanted to be an actor since I was three years old. At the age of

19, I hit the streets of Manhattan, took many classes, got scammed a few times

and struggled for years. I got my share of extra work and did a lot of theater.

Ever since 2018, when I signed with Maultsby, my career took off and snowballed. I landed co star and guest starring roles on some of the biggest hit TV shows, became a proud member of SAG/AFTRA and continue to get called in by the biggest CD’s in the industry for series regulars. I couldn’t ask for more caring, encouraging and friendly people in my corner. I am truly blessed. They are always just a phone call away and I feel I owe all of my current success to Team Maultsby.”

Lou Lentino-Rodriguez (SAG-AFTRA, TV/Film Actor, Writer)

“My name is Julie Potter, and I’m an actor based in New York. I’ve been working with Victor and Tisha Joyner at Maultsby Talent for almost 3 years. I can’t say enough about how much I’ve enjoyed our relationship thus far. Their personal attention, commitment, and positive reinforcement, have meant the world to me.

My respect, and steadfast faith in my representatives, comes from their unwavering confidence in my abilities, and the positive energy they continually provide. One of my favorite things about Maultsby is their accessibility. From the beginning, any time I’ve reached out to them, I’ve always received a prompt, and friendly response in return. As an actor, it’s so important to know that your team is there for you, and willing to take the time listen. With every new opportunity that comes my way, or when things are uncertain and quiet, they are always there with a kind, encouraging word to keep me going.

I’ve been fortunate to have had the chance to audition for several well known television, and intriguing film projects through Maultsby Talent. Doors that I thought were impenetrable have opened. I’ve been able to get seen, and have had the chance establish relationships with many of the industry’s top casting directors!

I’m so grateful to be working with an agency that works so hard for its talent. I cannot say it enough... Thank you Victor and Tisha, for the magic you wield, and for taking such good care of us! We appreciate everything you do, always.“

Julie Potter (SAG-AFTRA, TV/Film Actress)

“Being with Maultsby Talent, for several years now, has afforded me many opportunities to grow as an actor. They work non-stop for their actors and it’s greatly appreciated. They have been great in regards of communication and really putting the actors out in front of the Casting Directors and Producers to get them in the room. They have truly invested in me as an actor and I will always be grateful to them for that.”

Jay Cardell (SAG-AFTRA Eligible, Film/TV Actor)

“Thank god for Maultsby Talent and their team!! The staff has been nothing but professional, timely and dedicated to getting the job done. Go way beyond and above their call of duty...I am forever grateful...keep up the good work!!

Game on!!!”

Michael Orange (SAG-AFTRA, Film/TV Actor)

“I'm proud that I’ve been with Maultsby Talent for 8 years now. I’m truly blessed to be apart of this family, Tisha, Victor and the rest of this kind hard working friendly talent agency. I can easily brag about all the tremendous opportunities they have gifted me. So many doors have been opened up because of them and it paid off big time. I do appreciate all the company culture of care and commitment to it’s artists reinforced from the top down starts with the Entire  team; a group of people who are refreshingly down to earth, approachable and caring.”

Danny Doherty (SAG-AFTRA, Film/TV Actor, Writer) 

“Our industry is often times so stressful and uncertain. That’s why it is so important to surround yourself with people who will have your best interest at heart, while cheering for you. I’ve been so lucky to have Maultsby Talent by my side for the last 5 years. Tisha and Victor are truly the best humans. They are down to earth, positive, and always available for me. Thank you Maultsby

Yael Fern (NON UNION, Film/TV Actress)


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